Father’s Rights and Visitations

Father’s Rights and Visitations

Your kids are important to you too.


Often times I hear from Dads that they are afraid of losing their children.   At the Law Office of Tesa Jackson – Michael, we advocate for fathers.  We value the important role dads have in the lives of their children.  We want to help you preserve that special bond you have with your child.

As a father, you want what’s best for your children.  When you need legal help in any matter involving child custody or child visitation or other rights as a father, it is important you have an experienced attorney on your side.  We understand that this can be a difficult time in your life and we will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity.

Whether you were married to your child’s mother or not, after a child is born, fathers have legal rights.  Unfortunately, some fathers have to fight for these rights.  If you are a father and need help enforcing your rights, contact Attorney Tesa Jackson – Michael.

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